Unknown Macedonia. On this trip, we will explore the region of west and central Macedonia. We are going to drive among tiny meadows, low hills, and high forested mountains and their winding roads. We are going boating on lakes, waterfall watching and we are going to relax in hot springs.

We will taste the local wines at the wineries of the region and try its traditional delicacies. We will meet bears and wolves, buffaloes, and water birds in its National Parks. We will pay our respects to historic landmarks and, finally, we will have the unique experience of the monastic life at a monastery.


Thessaloniki is a Greek port city on the Thermaic Gulf of the Aegean Sea. Evidence of Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman history remains, especially around Ano Poli, the upper town. The ruins of Roman Emperor Galerius’s 4th-century palace include the Rotonda which has been both a church and a mosque. Much of the city center was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1917. The rebuilt 20th-century city has a modern European layout.


This charming traditionally fur-producing city, whose beauty will most certainly seduce you, is built amphitheatrically on a narrow peninsula, mirrored in Orestiada Lake. Take a motorcycle tour around the lake of Kastoria and enjoy its beauty and tranquility. Observe some of the 200 different species of birds that find shelter in its calming waters. You will also make a stop by the Dragon’s Cave. A cave system, where you will get to see seven underground lakes and rooms with astonishing stalactites. Finally, you will discover the Neolithic settlement of Dispilio dating back to 5600 BC!

The Prespes National Park.

An impressive wetland with amazing bio-diversity. It consists of the Megali (Big) Prespa and the Mikri (Small) Prespa. The latter boasts two islets: Agios Ahilleios and Vidronisi.
The islet of Agios Achilleios, is one of the most picturesque places in Northern Greece. Connected to the shore with a 650 m-long floating bridge, it is renowned for its Byzantine monuments, among which the three-aisled basilica of Agios Achilleios stands out. The amazing scenery of Prespes has inspired plenty of directors to create their movies there.

Pozar Baths

Imagine being in a pool surrounded by a forest. The warm water will relax you and the cold waterfalls will refresh you in a serene and sensational natural setting. The Pozar baths are located at the foot of Kaimaktsalan one of the most famous ski resort mountains in Northern Greece.


The capital of Pella is called the city of waters due to its 7 waterfalls! The biggest and most impressive drops 70m among plane trees. A visit will amaze you and a short walk in the town’s alleys will mesmerize you.


According to UNESCO, one of the most picturesque traditional settlements of Europe at an altitude of 1.350 m. Its architecture, stone-built houses, and paths matched with the surrounding magnificent forest make it a wonderful destination. Arcturos, the bear sanctuary, is located within walking distance of the village. Formerly captive bears live in a fenced area imitating a natural habitat. Volunteers are working hard so that the bears can be reintegrated into their natural habitat.

Vergina is best known as the site of ancient Aegae, the first capital of Macedonia. The excavation of 1976, unearthed burial sites of many kings of Macedonia, including the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. The archaeological museum of Vergina was built to house all the artifacts found at the site and is one of the most important museums in Greece.


The place where cultures and religions met. Although there is no muezzin to call the faithful to prayer there are still in existence three extremely well-preserved buildings left from the Ottoman occupation that ended in 1913. Two mosques the Tsitsirli and Ahmet Pasha  and the third is the Bezesteni market, which now houses the Archaeological Museum and it is well known for its 6 domes.

If you have a sweet tooth then Serres is the place to be! They have wonderful Turkish delights, Akanedes in the local dialect, and Loukoumia in Greek, as well as the most famous Bougatsa, a pastry pie filled with creme patisserie and dusted with powdered sugar. There are varieties of bougatses with savory fillings like cheese, spinach, or minced meat but nothing compares to the sweet sugary taste of the original!

Lake Kerkini

In the shade of Mount Beles is a wetland full of wonderful pictures. Boating with the blavas, the name for the boats, the picturesque villages, and the rare fauna make up a frame of absolute enjoyment.


This wonderful city has so much to offer to visitors. The impressive Kamares an aqueduct built in 1550 and renovated in the 19th century is 52 meters high, consisting of 60 arches, and is the symbol of the city. The wonderful Acropolis and the castle overlook the city. The old town with the delightful tavernas will complete a wonderful puzzle of history, culture, and gastronomy!

Mount Athos

Mount Athos is a mountain in the distal part of the eponymous Athos peninsula the site of an important center of Eastern Orthodox monasticism in northeastern Greece. The mountain along with the respective part of the peninsula has been governed as the monastic community of Mount Athos, an autonomous region within the Hellenic Republic.

Mount Athos has been inhabited since ancient times and is known for its long Christian presence and historical monastic traditions, which date back to at least AD 800 and the Byzantine era. Because of its long history of religious importance, the well-preserved agrarian architecture within the monasteries, and the preservation of the flora and fauna around the mountain, Mount Athos was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988.

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