G310GS The smallest “child” of the GS family, but still very capable and amazing as all GS models. Be spontaneous, break with the routine, and make everyday life into a…

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BMW F850GS Motorcycle. Atop the F850GS, you will easily master any track, thanks to the 21-inch front tire. What matters is that your attitude and curiosity spur you on regardless…

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F750GS. Your heart beats to the rhythm of the BMW F750GS. It is your ticket to the adventure. Master all paths, regardless of the terrain. Broaden your horizons. Experience the Spirit…

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R1250GS HP Adventure Do you love extreme, long tours even on bumpy roads? Do you enjoy stony paths or the wilderness? Whether it’s asphalt or off-road, rocks, or sand. The…

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R1250GS The new BMW R1250GS: concentrated performance meets impressive efficiency. With the new BMW R1250GS, you will experience the new Boxer even more directly. The engine capacity increase brings you…

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R1250GS HP

R1250GS HP More GS is impossible. BMW founded the dual-sport motorcycle segment with the GS Series; and is still leading it confidently today. The ultimate enduro tourer and for BMW…

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