R1250GS Adventure

Do you love extreme, long tours even on bumpy roads?

Do you enjoy stony paths or the wilderness? Whether it’s asphalt or off-road, rocks, or sand.

The BMW R1250GS HP Adventure motorcycle has the right answers to every challenge with its surprisingly light, agile handling.

It is a machine for all those who want to go to their limits and grow beyond them.

Or to put it more simply: a machine for the real adventure-lovers, among you; for those who really want to put their superiority to the test in a new way every time.

It surely broadens your horizons so that you get more out of it wherever you go.

Despite all its sophisticated rider aids, a good old-fashioned effective chassis, and ergonomics and the easy, assured handling they deliver  are the other key features making the big GS a great road bike.

This is a big bike by any standard (surely another aspect to its appeal for many) but it’s light-footed, changing course with little effort or drama. The wide bars and upright riding position help.

Just turn the ignition on and begin your next unforgettable adventure.

The R1250GS Adventure is a motorcycle up for quests of all types and ready for any type of challenge too.

The unmistakable 30-liter tank offers a defiant look and a great reach.

The R1250GSA promises to always ride on  no matter what the challenge.

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