F750GS. Your heart beats to the rhythm of the BMW F750GS.

It is your ticket to the adventure. Master all paths, regardless of the terrain. Broaden your horizons. Experience the Spirit of GS. The BMW F750GS is an unmistakable GS feeling.

Just press the start button and the adventure begins. The 57 kW (77 hp) from the characteristic two-cylinder four-stroke engine with the standard driving modes, ABS and ASC are at your fingertips.

It offers a relaxed, maneuverable seating position with differing heights (from 770 mm to 830 mm) for optimum ergonomics and further safety.

Any relevant data that you need at a glance can be seen via the multifunctional display on a Pro onboard computer.

The connectivity equipment option will offer you the option to go down new paths virtually. Media playback, telephone function, and turn-by-turn navigation can be easily controlled via the multi-controller.

This is because the BMW F750GS is the beginning of something new: intelligent technology, ready for any adventure on any day.

It’s obvious: From the slim rear to the striking front tank right up to the GS-typical top front mudguard, the design elements of the F750GS speak clear language.

The motorcycle has the GS gene. The agile handling, the high comfort, and the possibility for lowered suspension make your entry into the GS world easier than ever.

BMW F750GS. Discover more, it is your turn now!

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